It was a brilliant day to explore the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens. The first time that we visited this place was when the kids were still in their teens. (more than ten years ago) and we didn’t seem to like it then because there wasn’t any shade and not much to see. But I guess the little seedlings have grown from that time and there’s a lot more activities to be experienced now!

The Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, a division of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne and is just a 45 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD.

Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge

Jo’s Monday Walk

Becky’s Walking Square

In the centre is this Red Sand Garden. This is a stunning outback landscape made from deep red sand which is best viewed from high up and from afar.

Walking around the Red Sand Garden we came to this Rockpool, which is a wading area and is especially lovely on a warm day for kids and adults alike.

Opposite is what they call a Home Garden which is a chance for some selfies beside these doors.

The garden has a lot of back-ways and hidden walkways that one must discover…like this one which is the Kids’ Backyard.

Natalie’s Photographing Public Art Challenge

Next we found the River Walk which is a great place to relax underneath the shade of the trees. And that’s exactly what we did.

Xingfumama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge

After a brief rest, we continued on our walk.

This is what they called the Weird and Wonderful Garden

The walking trail goes on a loop and on our way back we saw these different lots of gardens that were set up, i suppose, to give ideas to people how to do their own garden.

Passed through more man made water features and rows of trees which were so pretty.

The botanic garden celebrates the beauty and diversity of Australian landscapes and flora. It featuring over 100,000 plants and its varieties.

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