Last Sunday, Melbourne gave us a taste of summer which I am not really keen on having right now. It was 32 degrees and everybody was off to the beach. So the restaurants were busy and the beach was so packed you can’t even relax.

Anyway, Jack and I went to the coastal town of Mornington since it was just about 30 minutes away from home. The first thing we did was of course to have lunch.. we had Fish & Chips and salad on the side.

We just sat on a stone bench with this view to have our lunch.

Then we had a short walk after on the sand. The cold water was so refreshing.

We felt uneasy because we were sweating like crazy and we didn’t find any area to squeeze in and sit.

We then changed our mind and instead of walking by the shore, we just walked to the shops and enjoyed some shade anywhere we can have it.

I saw these Christmas Children’s artworks on the walkway. Glad that the kids are involved on decorating the street. Cute!

And lastly, while in the car on our way home, I saw these murals and I asked Jack if he can turn back so I can take a shot. Glad he did, cause they are pretty outstanding.

For Jo’s Monday Walk

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